What is the 100K Challenge?

Run, Row, Bike, Ski, and/or Snowshoe your way to 100,000m from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve. Individuals or teams of 3+ compete to accumulate as many meters as they can during this period, with awards handed out after the event – helping keep fitness at the forefront during the holidays! More importantly, all proceeds from the 100K will be divided directly between Carry the Load and the Salvation Army. Carry the Load is a non-profit dedicated to honoring and celebrating the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, rescue personnel and their families.

This is a community and individual based challenge. Have some fun with it. Get a little fitter. Test yourself. This is a marathon, and definitely not a sprint. Consistency and pace will treat you well! At the same time, we will be supporting local nonprofits during the holidays!

Tracking can be done two ways. If you prefer to use Google Sheets you can download the easy tracking sheet —>

If you prefer paper and a pencil you can download the PDF version to print and complete at home —>

Spreadsheets must be completed and submitted by the Friday following each tracking period. You can email or text them to 715.292.0679 INFO@IGNITEFITNESSSTUDIO.COM

All the submissions MUST have a photo of your GPS watch or treadmill screen or etc to accompany the activity. You can insert the images directly into the Google Sheet or if you are tracking manually please just save them on your phone or device and have them available.

Daily steps DO NOT count toward your mileage. The activity must be an activity completed in addition to daily steps.

How the Math Breaks Down.

100,000 Meters = 62 miles
Days In The Challenge = 31
Daily Goal = 3,226 Meters (2.02 Miles)

What are the 5 approved activities?

1.  Running (If you are walking, then you need to make an effort to push it. A fast as possible walking pace would qualify. You have to be exercising with intent, daily steps do not count)

2. Stationary Rowing (Like these made by Concept 2 or those you can find in C-ROW Barre classes)

3. Stationary / Spin Bikes (with a conversion formula we provide or stationary bikes at home. Road Bikes on trainers are eligible if equipped with a bike computer/ output device)

4. Cross Country Skiing (Again you need to have on a GPS watch to track your distance)

5. Snowshoeing (Again you need to have on a GPS watch to track your distance))

Can i invite my friends to participate?

Absolutely! This is what it’s all about. Ask your family too. Anyone can participate and the more the merrier! Just make sure they register and download the tracking sheet via Google Sheets.


The first person to reach 100K wins $50 cash. Other fun prizes will be given out along the way too! Mostly this is about self-care and a generous heart over the holidays! You’ll feel better inside and out!

Other Questions…

What is the minimum baseline that I should be shooting for?

At a minimum, everyone in the challenge should shoot for 100,000 meters, in any of the 5 approved activities they prefer. This averages to about 2 miles per day.

Do I stop when I get to 100,000 meters?

NO! Just because you get to 100,000 before the challenge period is over does not mean it’s over for you. Keep going! See how far you can go. Your team is counting on you. Every meter counts. Many individuals will go far beyond 100,000 meters... in fact some will do it in the first day(s) of the event.

Should I get clearance from a doctor before participating?

As a general rule, yes. Like any physical activity event, you will assume all liability for your health and well being during the challenge.