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It turns out one really is the loneliest number… especially when you’re training for a half marathon. So join up with the Ignite Fitness Half Marathon Training Team as you embark on a 12-week program that prepares you for the Whistlestop Half Marathon or 10K!

Join the tens of thousands of people who challenge themselves every year to the fastest growing distance race in the country – the half marathon. The terrific distance of 13.1 miles is challenging, yet achievable. Our exceptional coach and two experience based training plans will enable anyone who can currently complete 2 miles comfortably to finish their first half marathon or improve over previous performances. Did we mention this might be the coolest way to meet people in the Ashland area? Okay, so we don’t have proof, but we can guarantee you’ll end up with a few more running pals than you had before.

*This is an accelerated training program. For the safety and well-being of each individual, all participants are required to be able to complete 2 miles comfortably at the start of the training.

What You Get as a Participant:
Our 1/2 Marathon training is structured to help you cross the finish line in 12 weeks! Along the way we will provide you with the following:
• Motivation to keep you moving
• Guidance, Support, and Questions answered!
• Weekly group training runs/walks every Tuesdays at 5:30 pm  Weather permitting- we meet at Ignite Fitness Studio
• Receive a piece of technical running gear from us
• Camaraderie of others just like you!

Participants are expected to plan to attend 50% of the group runs.


Click the image to view the 2017 Madeline Island Training Team video


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