2017 Fall Half Marathon and 10K TRAINING TEAM

It turns out one really is the loneliest number… especially when you’re training for a half marathon. So join up with the Ignite Fitness and Solstice Outdoors Fall 10K and Half Marathon Training Team and embark on a 12-week program that prepares you for the Whistlestop 10K or half OR new in 2017 the Bridges and Bluffs 2-person half relay or half marathon.*

Our training programs are so much more than just working out. You will be part of a running/walking community where our an experienced coach will be there working out with you and giving you tips, tricks, and motivation. Our training programs are very social and many participants form lifelong friendships. The atmosphere will help keep you engaged and get you to meet your goals. The transformations we see from training program participants are phenomenal.

In 2017 our Fall Half Marathon and 10K Training Group will offer participants six strength building classes built into the training program. The team will also have three plans to work from - a 12-week 10K plan and a 12-week half-marathon plan (with a speed work option) for those who plan to run Whistlestop. There will also be a 9-week Half Marathon training plan for those who want to participate in the Sept. 23rd Bridges and Bluffs race in Ironwood.

*Bridges to Bluffs is a 9-week accelerated training program. For the safety and well-being of each individual, all participants are required to be able to complete 3 miles at a run or run/walk  at the start of the training.

What You Get as a Participant:
Our 1/2 Marathon training is structured to help you cross the finish line in 9 or 12 weeks! Along the way we will provide you with the following:

  • Motivation to keep you moving
  • Guidance & Support
  • Individual coaching and advice upon request
  • Access to an online community of runners to make new friends and find running pals
  • 15% discount on purchases at Solstice Outdoors
  • 5% discount on Ignite Fitness classes to build strength and flexibility
  • Weekly group training runs/walks every Tuesday at 5:30 pm 
  • Six 30-minute strength classes built into the first weeks of training**
  • Educational clinics on topics such as stretching, choosing the right gear & avoiding injury
  • A training team shirt to sport around town for bragging rights
  • Camaraderie of others just like you!

Participants are expected to attend 50% of the group runs. Please do not register if you are not able to make the group runs.  We have an option for you to simply purchase the training plan! :)

Let's lace up those running shoes training begins July 25, 2017 at 5:30 pm!

**Anticipated Strength Training Class Dates (open ONLY to run group members)

July 28 @ 5:15PM

August 3 @ 5:45PM

August 9 @ 6:45PM

August 16 @ 6:00PM

August 24 @ 5:45PM

September 2 @ 5:15PM

$69.99 (yes, we know that the cost has increased, but you now have 3 education sessions, six classes worth another $30 and discounts at both Solstice and Ignite. This is still very inexpensive at $5.80 per week)

Purchase the Fall 10K or Half Marathon Training Plan Only

Having a training plan can help you stay injury free, improve your fitness and greatly increase the chances of achieving your goals! If you are looking for an excellent proven training plan to train for a fall race, but just don't think that a group experience or the run times is something that works for you- we have a new solution! You can purchase the Fall Training Plan for either race (9 or 12 weeks) and train on your own time and enjoy the reflections of a solo run!

What you get:

  • Each training plan comes with daily mileage assignments and can be personalized for your life schedule and goal race (10K, Half, Relay). Additionally, for those that sign up, you will be able to contact a coach directly via email, text or phone.  Plan will be emailed to purchasers in early July.
  • Guidance and Support upon request
  • 5% discount on Ignite Fitness classes to build strength and flexibility

Please remember that work and effort goes into the development of this training plan each year and you have access to the coach and can attend educational sessions with the Training Group if space allows.  Please do not share the plan - I try to keep the cost very low and I put a lot into this effort. Please don't be that person and have some integrity. Karma will get you :)


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