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Welcome to Ignite Fitness Studio. Join a fitness community where you will find a community, passion and the support to reach your fitness goals! Come as you are. You won't find a fitness center as welcoming and encouraging as Ignite. We’ve got exactly what you need with more than 35 classes per week.


We offer 33+ classes each week to help you get strong - inside and out. You'll always find one to fit your mood and your schedule. Classes are designed for beginners to experienced students -- classes that’ll make you move and sweat or slow down and relax, that’ll tap your inner dancer or empower the cardio addict within.


Packages & Pricing


Gift Certificates Available

Health and Wellness is the BEST gift to give! Purchase our easy "Print at Home" gift certificates for the loved ones in your life! Great for last minute gifts on the fly!

Health and Wellness is the BEST gift to give! Purchase our easy "Print at Home" gift certificates for the loved ones in your life! Great for last minute gifts on the fly!

All class packages are tied to your online account. Think of it like an online "punch card". Each time you use a class it is deducted from your class package. Pre-registration online is recommended (please note – if there is room in class, you can drop in)

 Load up on classes without having to commit to a schedule or worry about losing time you have paid for!


New to Ignite? Take advantage of our new student 6 for $36 package.

Drop-in Classes

$5—  Xpress 30 Min. Class
$8— Single Class
$40 — 5 Class Package
$70 — 10 Class Package
$134 — 20 Class Package

If you would like to begin your journey to wellness and a healthier you, we do not every want to see price be a barrier to your success.  Talk with us about various options.  We are happy to work with our students to make fitness classes affordable and those goals attainable.


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How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?
I take a variety of Ignite classes whenever possible, aiming for five/week, though I usually end up with three to four. I also work on the 30-day fitness challenges and go for walks regularly. has also been a helpful tool for keeping a food and exercise diary.

What goals has Ignite helped you achieve?
I've lost over 50 pounds and overall over 48 inches. After the shoulder injuries last year, I couldn't zip up a dress in the back, now I can do "regular" push-ups. I was initially scared I would hurt myself, but by exercising I've become stronger, healthier, and more confident.



Tell us a little about yourself and your journey.

I have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter and work full time as a certified nursing assistant.  I am also a recovering addict and will be substance free for 2 years February 23rd.  Although it is difficult for me to reflect on the time I was using, I have come through it as a more gracious, mindful, and stronger person.  Through my personal experience not only with recovery but with fitness as well, I discovered that both the power and possibility of change reside within.  However, I also recognize the importance of social support in helping me succeed. I am very fortunate having received much of that support through my family and Ignite


What words do you live by?
I had a professor at Northland who used to talk about the 6 P’s, “proper prior planning prevents poor performance”. For some reason this little phrase has stayed with me. It helps me remember that if a situation is overwhelming I just need to make a plan and I can be successful.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your reasons for joining the Ignite family?
Ignite is such an incredible asset to our community. All of the instructors are fantastic: so strong, kind, and inspiring. I love that there is a place where we can come together and support one another making positive changes in our lives. Since joining Ignite, I have noticed a change in my spirit as well as my body. I am truly thankful for all the hard work that is put in to make it possible for every student to find success.



 What goals has Ignite helped you achieve?
When I first started going to Ignite, I don't think I really had set goals. It was a way to get out of the house, maybe get a little stronger and spend time with friends. I've created an entirely new lifestyle for myself since. I have never been a runner and never thought I would be, but I enjoy challenging myself to do things I think are out of my reach. I have lost a total of 27 lbs and many inches all over my body! The strength I have gained has helped immensely with being able to care for my daughter Emma as she is growing. Most of all, the confidence I have gained from both my successes and all the support from classmates and friends had changed my entire outlook on life. 

What motivates you?
Life. Emma. My health. Everything. I am so grateful to be able bodied and healthy enough to push my body the way I do. I love working to become the best me I can be. And Emma...there is nothing more motivating to be a healthy role model than having a child with countless medical problems. She is learning that I have to work really hard to get stronger just like she does. I let her see the good, the bad and the ugly. The injuries. The sore muscles. And the beauty of accomplishing what I've worked for. She has actually referred to my fitness journey while she's working hard at physical therapy. She's watching.