1. What is the Annex?

Be sure to check your class confirmation.  Several of our classes are located at our NEW Annex location at 522 Main Street West (entrance on 6th Ave- follow signs to the third floor).  Most of our classes are located at our main studio at 320 Main Street West, but if you end up at the wrong location- don't worry. It is only a two block sprint to the other location!

2. Why choose Ignite over the other options?

  • We offer affordable pricing on classes & events
  • We have classes every. single. day of the week
  • You can pay for what makes sense for your budget. Most studios make you sign up for expensive monthly packages.
  • No overcrowding.  We book most of our classes for up to 14 students only.  
  • Everyone moves at their own pace and people catch on quicker than others.  Which means if you master all the beginner moves, then you can move to the next level.  No need to wait.  We want you to learn and flourish. We won't hold you back!  You can do drop in classes or series packages. It's up to you.
  • Smart, Experienced, Confident & Entertaining Instructors that make you feel comfortable and teach you everything they know. We are regular people just like you with professional day jobs.

3. How do I get started?

It's very easy.  If you want to sign up for a fitness class, then you'll look at the schedule and see what days and times best suit your schedule then sign up with our online scheduling system.  Here's a helpful document to walk you through the process!

 4. Do I have to pay online to register for class?

You do to reserve your own space in class.  If you are unable to pay online,  you can pay over the phone or make other arrangements with us ahead of time.  We are unable to hold a space in class for you and you risk showing up to a booked class and not being able to participate if you do not pay and register ahead of time.  You can always check online or call the studio before arriving to make sure there are openings.

 5. How does the wait list work?

We highly encourage you to add yourself to the wait list online as people do cancel out. If someone cancels, you will be AUTOMATICALLY added to the class and you will receive an email confirmation. This can happen up to 2 hours before the start of class so please be sure to remove yourself from the wait list if you change your mind at any point to avoid losing a class. There is no penalty for canceling off the wait list at any time before class starts. We also recommend that you show up for the class that you are wait listed for as someone may not show up and you can take their spot.  If at any point you do not wish to be on the waitlist, or you will not be on email, please remove yourself from the waitlist. The waitlist almost always works and gets 95%+ of people on it into the class, so plan to come to class. It stays active up until 2 hours before the class starts, so we always recommend logging in to check your schedule at about 1 and a half hours before class starts. Even if you don't get into class from the waitlist, STILL COME! Get here about 15 minutes early and ask to be on standby. Sometimes people "no show" for their reservation and you could take their spot. If at any point when you are on the waitlist you decide you don't want to attend please be sure to remove yourself BEFORE the 4 hour mark to ensure you don't get into class and charged.

6. What do I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable workout clothes, yoga pants or shorts & a t-shirt/tank top.  We recommend cycle or tri shorts for spin class.  Be sure to bring water with you and if you have a heart rate monitor we recommend using it in all classes.

Shoes: Athletic shoes are a must. Absolutely NO street shoes are allowed in the studio, so please bring a dry and clean pair of athletic shoes.

 7. What if I'm shy?

Our instructors & other students make you feel very comfortable.   We have so much fun, we laugh, we joke, we play and have an amazing time. Fitness doesn't have to be serious, it just has to be you letting go and challenging your body and mind to try something new.  We'll teach you how to let your inner tiger out. Roarrrrrr!

8. Cancellation Policy for Students for Classes

The student cancellation policy for classes is twelve hours in advance of the scheduled class. Late cancels and no-shows will be deducted from your package or billed to the credit card on file.

 The student cancellation policy for specialty classes and events is as follows:

If Ignite Fitness Studio is notified seven days prior to the specialty class or event, participants will have the following refund/transfer options:

100% of fee transferred to your customer account to be used at a later date, or full refund minus $10 processing fee

With less than seven days notice, but prior to the specialty class or event start date, participants will have the following refund/transfer options:

100% of fee transferred to your customer account to be used at a later date,

No refunds will be granted the day the class begins or after.

 9. Do I need to complete a waiver? 

Of course- here is a link to the waiver and Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (PAR-Q)  Adult Waiver